Congress corporator from Ahmedabad’s Saijpur-Bogha ward joins BJP

On Sunday, weeks before the city goes to polls in the state-wide civic elections, Congress corporator from Saijpur-Bogha ward, Krishna Thakar, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

She cited the alleged misuse of the CBI by the Congress against former home minister Amit Shah, for leaving the Congress.

Krishna, along with husband Praful Thakar and several supporters, reached the state BJP office at Khanpur and shouted slogans against the Congress on various issues.

These included the alleged misuse of the CBI, and high prices of essential commodities under UPA rule. She praised the state government and Narendra Modi's leadership.

After joining the saffron party, Thakar said that the Congress is trying to tarnish the image of the state government and CM Modi as they were unable to tolerate the development of the state.

"The way the Congress is using the CBI to defame Gujarat, I do not wish to have anything to do with any member of the Congress," she said. "I have joined the BJP and will remain with the party till my last breath."

Rakesh Shah, city BJP chief, said that Thakar had left the Congress due to ideological differences. "We welcome her into our party," he said.

Sources said that Thakar had been in touch with BJP leaders for a long time and that her husband had worked for the saffron party during the last Lok Sabha elections.

Thakar herself had attended a function of the "Swarnim Gujarat Sankalp Jyotrath" at Naroda, wearing a saffron scarf, in November 2009, the sources added.

When asked about the delayed announcement of her joining the BJP, she said that at that time, the Congress was not manipulating the CBI the way it is doing now.

Sources, however, said that Thakar's working style had not gone down well with Ahmedabad city's Congress leaders.

Her husband's dispute with Ahmedabad city Congress chief Pankaj Shah is also believed to be responsible for her decision to join the BJP.

It was very surprising to see that many of Thakar's 'supporters', who accompanied her to the BJP office, were completely ignorant about why they had come there.

One of them said that he was asked to join the rally to protest against the 'misuse' of the CBI in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.

Another said that he was there to protest against the 'Samajwadi Party'! And many of the women present said that they did not know Thakar was leaving the Congress to join the BJP.

On the other hand, some BJP corporators and leaders are said to be unhappy at the thought of receiving Thakar and family into the party. Source by DnaIndia