14 years on, ‘surplus’ teachers continue to draw salaries

Ahmedabad: Having cancelled the vocational stream in Classes XI and XII way back in the 1994, some 12,000 teachers in government-aided schools, earlier recruited for imparting vocational training, were translated into a surplus class. But, some 2,000 teachers are hanging around uselessly even 14 years later and drawing regular salaries.

Interestingly, they have also received salary hikes at every scale change (pay scale for teachers change thrice, after completion of 7, 20 and 31 years), and their pay remains at par with other regular teachers.

Incidentally, these teachers had been given clear instructions at the time of withdrawal of the vocational streams that they should upgrade their educational degrees.

But over a period of time, while some of them have acquired higher degrees and have been accommodated in other streams, a large number have not updated their skills, and have retired after completing their ‘surplus’ term.

Officials say it has not been possible to accommodate the remaining 2,000 plus teachers across the state as many were only secondary pass and did not have knowledge of any other streams.

Yogesh Mishra, vice-president of the Ahmedabad City Secondary and Higher Secondary School Administrative Staff Federation said: “At the time of the introduction of the vocational stream in 1987, which was an optional subject, even Secondary pass students were recruited. Some of them are Home Science graduates, which has made it impossible to accommodate them elsewhere.”

He added: “However, they draw salary at par with any other teacher and what’s worse is that there has been no list maintained at to the exact numbers of such teachers.”

GM Patel, Junior Superintendent at the District Education Office, Ahmedabad Cell, said: “Ahmedabad city should not have more than 80 surplus teachers. But some have been around since the time the stream was closed down as they did not try for any additional degree even after being instructed to do so.

He added: “Their salaries have also been revised as per the scale change norms and at present, they are drawing anything between 12 and 15 thousand rupees depending upon the number of years they have put in.”

R C Raval, Director of Primary Education, said: “As per the rules, the teachers appointed up to 1998 are protected and therefore cannot be thrown out.”

While Education Minister Ramanlal Vora seems to have no idea of the issue, Principal Secretary,

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