Four new trains for Rajasthan

Jaipur, Feb 27: Union Rail Minister Lalo Yadav has provided four new trains to Rajasthan and proposed three new gauge conversions on the important rail routes of the state, official sources of the North Western Railway headquarters said here.

The four new trains include a Garib Rath from Jaipur to Chandigarh which will run thrice a week.

"Earlier there was not even a single train to connect Jaipur from Ajmer. People used to go to Delhi to reach Chandigarh by rail," a spokesman said.

Other trains introduced are Udaipur to Indore via Ratlam thrice a week, Udaipur to Delhi via Neem Ka Thana(earlier this route was opened only for the meter gauge trains but the new train will run on broad gauge) and a train from Jodhpur to Yashwantpur near Bangalore.

Likewise the rail minister has also given three new gauge conversions including Ahmedabad to Udaipur via Dungarpur, Suratpur-Sriganganagar via Hanumangarh, and the Jaipur-Ringas-Churu-Loharu route.