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Publication: Times Of India Ahmedabad
Date: Oct 5, 2007; Section: Lead India; Page: 2

Devang Nanavati
Age | 36 Education | LLB Profession | LawyerUSP | Advocate with excellent track record


Lawyer in Gujarat High Court and partner in leading Ahmedabad-based law firm.
Has won 15 gold medals in academics.
Feels strongly about human rights.
Advisor to various government and non-government organisations.


TOI, thisIndependence Day, ran a campaign, the message for which was ‘Do not ask forchange, be the change’. Over the years, we have been talking about a new visionand ideas for the betterment of our nation. But I believe that the time hascome to put these ideas into action. This was the single most motivating factorfor me to take part in this programme.
There are some the other factors, which motivated me toparticipate.

Age: Today, half of India’s population is under 40.While experience is certainly a useful asset, too many of our leaders aresenior citizens. I do not say that youth is a sine qua non for leading anation, but a nation must be built at its foundation, that is at the level ofits youth. Most of our senior politicians do not have vision and their style ofworking is outdated. Kennedy’s words “The torch has been passed in the hands ofa new generation of...” come to my mind and have been a motivating factor.

Character: Most of our leaders lack character.Character is the spirit speak one’s mind, stand by one’s ideas and beliefs. Itexemplifies the true test of democracy.

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