RSS unhappy with infighting in Guj BJP

Ahmedabad, October 23: The RSS is miffed with the intense infighting going on within the BJP ranks in Gujarat and will adhere to its previous decision of not lending "organised support" to the ruling party in the December assembly polls, a top leader has said.
"RSS is very unhappy with the infighting within the BJP," senior RSS leader Mukundrao Devbhankar said, referring to the game of one upmanship going on between veteran leader Keshubhai Patel and Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
This is for the first time that the RSS has expressed its displeasure over the situation within the state BJP.
The rebellion within the party has reached such a passé that the dissidents have been organising farmers' meetings throughout the state against the state government's anti- peasant policies with the help of the Congress and are even thinking of contesting against the BJP in their campaign to oust Modi.
"This is like two grown-up sons in a family fighting, with elders being helpless who just sit back and watch," said Devbhankar, who is the RSS Sahprant Pracharak.
"Under the prevailing circumstances, we have decided not to support any group," he said.
On support to the BJP in the coming elections, Devbhankar said: "We will stick to our decision to not support any political party in an organised manner. The RSS took the decision two years back and it will be adhered to in the ensuing Gujarat polls.
"Individually, Sangh members can extend their support to anybody who they think was right," he said.