Demand for organic cotton goes up

AHMEDABAD: Even as a Planning Commission committee recommended more funds for organic farming, the cotton sector is witnessing a huge demand for textiles made from organic cotton.

Considering the increase in demand, export-oriented textile companies are now turning to organic cotton products.

However, the supply of organic cotton is scarce in the country. Considering this, the companies are now opting for contract farming and other methods to ensure proper supply.

The exports demand for organic cotton products is growing by 70-80 per cent annually. At present, India caters to 35 per cent of the overall demand of organic products worldwide which is around 42,900 tonnes a year.

Domestic demand, however, constitutes only 3 per cent of the total consumption, and is limited to the luxury segment only.

The firms which do not have organic products are also seriously considering this option. Several companies in Coimbatore and other places of the country are now turning to the organic sector.

Scarcity of organic cotton in the country is bothering these firms and they are preparing themselves to make sure proper supply.


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